Faster transfers at international company.Faster transfers at international company.

In the current loan market, companies are competing in their offers, but not only. Some companies pay special attention to

What should the loan agreement contain?What should the loan agreement contain?

The loan agreement is one of the most important documents that every borrower should read before taking out a loan.

A credit without proof: what is it exactly?A credit without proof: what is it exactly?

Today, it is possible for any individual to subscribe a credit for each of his projects. Whether it is the

Credit insurance – is it worth it?Credit insurance – is it worth it?

Credit insurance The changes in the so-called anti-usury act, which came into force in July 2017, caused that banks and

How do students borrow and why?How do students borrow and why?

 Student life As it turns out, the student’s life is not at all as carefree as it may seem. According

Consumer credit: history, values ​​and commitmentsConsumer credit: history, values ​​and commitments

  Consumer credit and AsterFinance: a bit of history … Consumer credit: As a key factor in household equipment, consumer