Month: August 2019

Consumer credit: history, values ​​and commitmentsConsumer credit: history, values ​​and commitments

  Consumer credit and AsterFinance: a bit of history … Consumer credit: As a key factor in household equipment, consumer credit contributes directly to economic growth. In France, where the share of household consumption in GDP is high, consumer credit accounts for just over 7% of GDP each year. The role of consumer credit is […]

Compare repurchase of credits: compare quickly and free | Loan consolidationCompare repurchase of credits: compare quickly and free | Loan consolidation

Redeeming credits means collecting all of your current credits to buy a new loan. It will replace all deadlines, thanks to a single monthly payment that can be revised downward. For this condition to be fulfilled, the duration of the credit put in place must be extended, which means an increase in the total cost […]