Month: October 2019

A credit without proof: what is it exactly?A credit without proof: what is it exactly?

Today, it is possible for any individual to subscribe a credit for each of his projects. Whether it is the acquisition of a property, the purchase of a car or the financing of studies, it is always possible to find a financing adapted to its needs. However, obtaining credit is usually conditioned by the provision […]

Credit insurance – is it worth it?Credit insurance – is it worth it?

Credit insurance The changes in the so-called anti-usury act, which came into force in July 2017, caused that banks and loan companies received a solid blow, and customers gained many benefits. With regard to consumer credit, its main purpose is to introduce a limit on non-interest loan costs, such as insurance, commission, preparation fees and […]

The loan works: definition, operation and evaluation of the offersThe loan works: definition, operation and evaluation of the offers

After a new move, we may want to do some work to make the framework more user-friendly. It is also possible that renovations are needed in a house that is getting older. To finance these works, one can decide to draw on one’s savings or to resort to a credit. In the latter case, the […]

How do students borrow and why?How do students borrow and why?

 Student life As it turns out, the student’s life is not at all as carefree as it may seem. According to a report by the Polish Business Roundtable, around 80% of Polish students decide to work. Young people want to be independent and independent. Although most of the budget at their disposal is financial support […]