How to go about getting credit easily?

Those who have already experienced it will not say the opposite, getting funding is often complicated. There are indeed a multitude of offers on the market to the point where it is easy to get lost. With all these offers of credit and the various supporting documents to provide for them, the procedure is usually long. Fortunately, several solutions are increasingly thought for the sole happiness of credit applicants. In particular, there are many devices that make it easy for individuals to access credit. But what does the credit easy to obtain? How to proceed to subscribe? Can anyone easily get a credit? What precautions should be taken ? Are there alternatives to credit for easy financing? These questions are answered in this guide. It offers a panoramic view of the world of easy to obtain credit.

The different credit offers easy to get

The different credit offers easy to get

Credit agencies have been growing steadily in recent years. For reason, the number of applicants for funding is growing day by day. To satisfy all these requests, many credit offers have emerged. They are different from each other by their characteristics. While some are difficult to access, others are easy to obtain. It is on these that we will focus.

The personal loan

The personal loan is the consumer credit most granted in France. Its popularity is not due to chance. In fact, the characteristics of this credit allow it to be easily accessible. It has a simplified procedure and the documents required to obtain it are not numerous. In addition, the amount borrowed under a personal loan can be used by the borrower as he sees fit. The lender does not require the latter to justify the allocation of the funds granted. This credit is repayable in monthly installments over a fairly variable period, depending on the amount borrowed and the financial situation of the borrower. In concrete terms, personal credit without proof can be subscribed for a period ranging from a few months to 10 years or more.

Since it can be fully subscribed via the internet, it enjoys the benefits of online credit that we will dissect below. With this loan, you have the possibility to borrow between 200 and 75 000 euros. When the file of the person applying for the credit is solid, getting the personal loan without justification is even easier and faster. Indeed, a solid record shows the lender that your ability to repay the loan is quite high. You will need to make sure to get a loan easy to obtain such as personal loan without proof.

The revolving credit

This credit is recognized to give every borrower quick access to financing. It is often offered by stores to facilitate the purchase of various products to their customers. Although it is very easy to obtain, the revolving credit presents other constraints, the most important of which is its interest rate, which is very high. To obtain this credit, very few checks are made. This is what explains its easy nature. However, this procedure for obtaining revolving credit is dangerous for the borrower, as the borrower may have difficulty repaying the loan.

Still called revolving credit or reserve money, the revolving credit can be subscribed in a hypermarket, on the internet and even by phone. Supermarkets offer it to their customers in the form of a loyalty card. The latter is nothing more than a credit card associated with a revolving credit. In practice, it is a reserve of money that is made available to the borrower. He can draw on this reserve as he sees fit to make his various purchases. In addition, the reserve is reconstituted with each refund made. This credit is very convenient for the consumer since he can use it to buy a product instantly. However, it is advisable not to be seduced by its ease of obtaining, especially if you are not sure to have the means to repay it.

The mini credit

Very simple, the mini credit is an offer appreciated by many people. It happens to be a good alternative to revolving credit. The mini credit is a short-term loan that allows you to cope appropriately with unforeseen situations. You can also use it to make purchases at one time, for example. It is granted for small amounts and therefore for a very short period. Its ceiling varies from one credit institution to another. It is especially intended for people who are struggling to get a bank loan. The main target of the mini credit therefore includes the following profiles:

  • Young people ;
  • Students ;
  • Jobseekers;
  • Employees under fixed-term contracts;
  • Part-time employees;
  • Self-entrepreneurs;
  • Retirees…

As can be seen, the mini credit is for people who have the following characteristics:

  • A modest income;
  • A precarious financial situation;
  • A lack of guarantee.

It is also granted to people whose income is high enough to receive social assistance, but who have trouble managing the end of the month. The mini credit is fixed rate and fully depreciable unlike the revolving credit. In addition, its interest rate is much more attractive. It is also easy to obtain thanks to the simplification of the steps necessary for its subscription. Moreover, it is part of the family of consumer credit. It is therefore regulated and the borrower is protected by the legislation in force.

Free credit

For a repayment period that can not exceed 3 months, the free credit is a type of consumer credit described in Articles L.311-27, L.311-28 and L.311-29 of the Consumer Code. It is often distributed in stores and it can not be offered anywhere other than at the point of sale. Its particularity is that its monthly payments are devoid of interest. In concrete terms, when monthly royalties are accumulated, we must be able to recover the capital borrowed.

The free credit is easy to obtain because its subscription requires few steps. Nevertheless, you must verify that the price of the financed property is the lowest (over the last 30 days). This makes it possible to know if the borrower does not otherwise pay the free credit by increasing the price of the product sold. In addition, this loan will comply with the provisions of the consumer credit if its repayment period must exceed 3 months.

Online credit: an attractive solution to subscribe to a fast and easy to obtain credit

Online credit: an attractive solution to subscribe to a fast and easy to obtain credit

The main players in the consumer credit market are constantly implementing innovations to meet the expectations of borrowers. In France, banks, credit institutions as well as state-authorized bodies invest in the continuous improvement of their offers. This allows everyone to attract as many borrowers as possible. Today, online credit is the solution of high popularity proposed by these various organizations.

The speed of obtaining loans online

Online loan is a way to get money easily. You do not have to leave home to buy the credit you want. A few clicks are enough for you to make your request without going to a physical agency. This saves you a lot of time. Better, credit institutions that offer their services online generally give the subscriber a policy response almost immediately. This is a response provided after a first study of the borrower’s profile. The latter is then very quickly located in relation to the acceptance or not of his file.

When you receive a positive response from the lender, it comes with the prior credit proposal. Thus, according to the conditions proposed by the lender, you have the choice to accept or not the offer. If you agree, the funds will be released in accordance with the time limit prescribed in the credit agreement. Legally, a period of 14 calendar days must precede the release of the money. It can however be reduced under certain conditions.

Also note that the application fee does not usually apply to an online credit. Nevertheless, to benefit from all the simplicity thus described, you will have to present a very convincing file to the lender. Moreover, in addition to the simplicity and speed of credit subscribed online, it is also possible to use this channel to obtain loans cheaper and tailor-made.

The opportunity to win a competitive rate credit online

To support online credit subscribers, several credit comparison sites have emerged. These sites provide the borrower with a credit comparator that allows the borrower to carefully study the various offers on the market. In practice, it is sufficient to indicate to the comparator some characteristics of the credit you are looking for. Based on this information, the comparison tool in question will show you the best offers that best meet your needs and your financial situation. You can rely on certain criteria including the APR to choose the offer that suits you. 

Some tips for getting credit easily

Some tips for getting credit easily

The application for credit from a lending institution can be a real mishap for some people. Yet, with best practices, it is easy to get money and this in a short time. How to proceed in a practical way?

The essential conditions to fulfill

First of all, it must be remembered that the ease of granting a loan depends on the nature of the project to be financed. It is obvious that buying a loan to buy equipment or to meet everyday needs is easier than buying a property. It is therefore important to act on certain points in order to put the odds on your side, whatever credit you subscribe.

For example, you need to focus on building your credit application file. It is on the basis of the latter that the credit institution will pronounce the acceptance or rejection of your application. The lender meticulously studies your file to assess your financial situation. That’s why if you want to get a loan that’s easy to get , you need to make sure your current income is more than triple the total amount you want to repay. In practice, the lender will calculate your debt ratio to assess your ability to repay the credit requested. The value of this indicator should not be above 33%.

In addition, it is also important that you are not in a situation of banking prohibition when applying for an easy credit to have. In addition, your name must not be included in the Bank of France Personal Credit Reimbursement Incident File (FICP). When you are registered, you are unlikely to get credit from the lenders. Indeed, you will understand that in such a situation, the lender does not want to encourage you in your drive towards over-indebtedness.

Save time when looking for a lender

Whatever the situation of the borrower, his first desire is to contract his credit as soon as possible. To do this, be aware that the less you ask for a large sum, the more likely you are to get the credit quickly. The conditions of obtaining are in fact proportional to the amount of the credit requested. In addition, there are several ways to convince the credit agency of your credit worthiness. It is necessary :

  • Presentation of a personal contribution;
  • Presentation of strong guarantees;
  • The association of a co-borrower with the subscription of the credit;
  • The good management of your bank accounts.

If the project to be financed is not urgent, you can also take the time to manage your money and your expenses in the months preceding your application for credit. With such arguments, the lending institution will be more open to granting you credit promptly. In addition, you will have the opportunity to negotiate with the latter a better rate for your loan. Always to get a good rate for your credit, you can trust an online loan comparator. The latter allows you to find in record time, the best loan offers easy to obtain.

Credit solutions easy to obtain for people in precarious situations

Credit solutions easy to obtain for people in precarious situations

When the borrower is in a precarious situation, it is obvious that he will have trouble obtaining credit from the lenders. Despite this, it is still possible to take out a loan in emergency whether you are unemployed, temporary worker, fixed-term contract or even stuck at the Bank of France.

Subscription for a quick credit to get online

As explained above, it is possible to find on the internet any type of credit. By refining your search, you will find the offer that suits you perfectly, regardless of the precariousness of your situation. It is advisable to aim for a personal loan because of the convenience of its subscription conditions. However, it will remain on your guard since scams are not lacking on the internet. You must verify the authenticity of the organization that offers the offer that interests you. In addition, you must not pay anything to the lender until the credit is made available to you.

The choice of the particular financing

Credit between individuals is an alternative if your situation prevents you from taking out a loan in credit institutions. This solution allows you to borrow money from an individual via a dedicated platform. You can also borrow from a friend or a family member. In return for the money you receive, you must sign a debt acknowledgment to your borrower. The advantage with the loan between individuals is that the latter requires only few guarantees. You may not have to make a guarantee before you get the funding. In the latter case, it is the trust between the two parties that is put forward. You must respect your commitments in relation to this credit, because repayment difficulties may well jeopardize your relationship with your loved ones.

The social aid solution

You may not be tempted by the idea of ​​a personal loan. Rest assured, not everything is lost yet. Even if you are in an extreme situation, social assistance can give you satisfaction. These solutions are offered to support people with financial and social difficulties. Some of them are non-refundable. Among these various aids, we can mention:

  • Preventive loan to reintegrate (loan from CAF);
  • The CAF household appliances loan;
  • The guarantee Visale;
  • The Loca-Pass Advance
  • The energy check …

Tips to avoid the pitfalls that accompany easy credit

Tips to avoid the pitfalls that accompany easy credit

Do you have difficulties to finance a specific project or to deal with an unexpected event? If it is true that you can always find a solution to your problem with credit institutions, be careful not to be trapped.

Take care to well dissect the specials and advertisements

Today, there are several legal provisions that define the way in which communication about credits should be done. For example, the Lagarde Act requires credit professionals to properly inform the borrower before signing the loan agreement. Indeed, you must subscribe to a credit knowingly. The lender must give you the credit rate. It is important to focus on the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) rather than the borrowing rate. The APR takes into account the borrowing rate and other credit-related costs such as application fees. You must also check whether obtaining the credit is subject to the subscription of insurance.

Promotions are not lacking in the credit market. They are often tailor-made to attract loan applicants. However, be aware that behind attractive rates and other discounts or waiver of fees, there are still strict conditions. As an example, you can find credit offers whose rate reported is 1.98%. This rate is very interesting, but to access credit, the lender may require the customer to borrow at least 5,000 euros. To this can be added a short repayment term. The credit must be repaid quickly in less than 12 months.

Make sure you distinguish the type of loan you are taking out: personal credit or loan allocation?

Depending on the type of credit you contract, the conditions are not the same. You must make sure you know what loan you want to buy. For example, should one opt for a personal loan or an appropriated credit to easily get in possession of the financially desired? While the unassigned personal loan is granted by credit institutions and banks, the credit allocated is often offered in supermarkets. The personal loan has the advantage of helping the borrower to finance any project without referring to the lender. In addition, its obtaining procedure is simplified. The second type of credit is associated with the purchase of a particular good. Thus, it is cheaper than the personal credit and if the product concerned is defective, the loan agreement is automatically canceled.

Understand the nature of the rate before any loan subscription is easy to obtain

Whatever credit you apply for, you must check the nature of the rate applied to it. The lender has the obligation to tell you clearly if it is a fixed rate or a variable rate. Generally, one will prefer a fixed rate to a variable rate. It is this rate that is applied for the personal loan as well as the credit allocated to the purchase of a good or a service. For variable rate credit, the APRC varies continuously with market fluctuations. This rate is applied mainly for revolving credit. The latter is a loan whose rate is always high, even in promotion. So know how to make your choice.

Beware of small loans

As explained above, remember to resist the offers too enticing. Does the lender offer monthly payments of 30 or 35 euros? The likelihood of a revolving credit is very high. For such small monthly payments, be aware that the repayment period must extend over several years. This sounds attractive, but the applied rate is often close to the rate of wear. As a result, the total cost of credit is downright exorbitant. According to the regulations, for loans of less than 1,000 euros in the shops, the lender must give you the choice between a fixed rate credit and a revolving credit. It is obviously advisable to choose the first option. However, you can also take out the revolving credit provided it is a small amount and the repayment term is less than 6 months.

Use the reserve that accompanies a revolving credit

When you choose a revolving credit, the risk of never ending the repayment is high. Indeed, it is enough to refund some of the money used for the credit to be reconstituted. Thus, as soon as a situation arises, you are tempted to draw on the reserve even before you have finished repaying the credit obtained. You must in fact forbid you to draw money back into the reserve . This reduces the cost of credit and increases your chances of quickly ending this loan.

Avoid automatic insurance subscription

Unlike real estate credit , borrower insurance is not mandatory for consumer credit. Its guarantees cover you during the vagaries of life namely:

  • The death ;
  • Disability;
  • Incapacity for work;
  • Job loss …

However, you should know that they can increase the rate of your credit by almost half a point (0.5%). You must weigh the pros and cons before making your decision. In addition, it should be noted that some credit organizations offer group insurance to their clients. Know how to refuse these offers that do not usually benefit the borrower. You can do your research and buy your insurance in the company of your choice. The current legislation allows you to change your insurer every year if its conditions are not suitable for you or if you receive a better offer for the same degree of protection.

On the same subject

On the same subject

To better understand the concept of easy to obtain credit, other points need to be reviewed. This is what we propose in this section. For example, you can read answers to frequently asked questions about easy-to-obtain credit.

Credit without proof of salary: myth or reality?

The first reflex of any lender is to check if the borrower is able to repay it if he grants a loan. That’s why he usually asks for a proof of income to assess your debt capacity. However, it is obvious that not everyone is salaried. What is the fate of the unemployed or any other person who can not show proof of his income? Rest assured, it is conceivable not to provide a proof of income for certain loans of less than or equal to 3,000 euros.

It is important to know that organizations offering this type of credit are rare. Generally, it is the stores and major retailers that lend themselves to it. You need to do a careful search to find entities that do not ask for proof of salary before granting credit. Depending on your situation, you can also rely on help to easily get money without having to submit a proof of salary.

The choice of a specialist for the subscription of an easy credit to have

If you only encounter refusals when you apply for credit in banks, know that you can still do otherwise. For example, banks are not specialists in consumer credit. If you are not also a customer of the bank that has refused, this is one more reason to remain optimistic. In reality, banks tend to give credit to their former client who has no incidents. It is this type of underwriter who represents the ideal typical profile. 

The latter’s job is to detect the individuals to whom they can lend money and the rate to apply to them. Thus, it is not said that your application will be automatically accepted by these specialists in consumer credit. You will understand that if your file is not solid, these organizations will not want to bog you further by giving you new credit. And then, they do not rejoice either by pronouncing a refusal. In fact, it is when they make a loan that they make money through the interest you pay. But, this is not a reason to give credit to someone who may not pay it back.

A few recurring questions around easy credit to get

A few recurring questions around easy credit to get

Can a credit be accepted and then refused?

This situation happens much more often than we imagine. In fact, when subscribing to a loan, you first receive a response from your so-called lender of principle. It is thereafter that you will get a definitive answer. The first answer can be positive and the second negative. In fact, the principle answer is usually given in real time. This decision is often based on the answers you gave in the credit questionnaire that was sent to you beforehand. If you get a positive answer at this level, it does not necessarily mean that the second answer will also be positive.

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